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Cerberus Capital Management

A smooth and efficient path to hiring a vital leadership position.

Press & Associates filled the high-impact position of Chief Technology Officer at Cerberus. This mission critical role had direct impact on Cerberus and its portfolio companies performance. Cerberus needed a candidate that could drive operational change and technology transformation across its portfolio companies, through specialized capabilities in data and advanced analytics.

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Cerberus Capital Management

Company Size

~$45B Assets Under Management

Job Title

Chief Technology Officer -
Cerberus Technology Solutions


Private Equity


New York City
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About Cerberus Capital Management

Founded in 1992, Cerberus is a global leader in alternative investing with approximately $55 billion in assets across complementary credit, private equity, and real estate platforms. For more than 20 years, Cerberus has seamlessly integrated our investment and operating teams to lead successful business transformations and drive long-term value.

The Objective

The role of Chief Technology Officer had been vacant for over six months and the Cerberus team was feeling frustrated. They tried to identify someone through their own network and resources but struggled to find the right fit for the role. It was critical that Cerberus selected a firm that would tailor the search to their unique needs, while ensuring collaboration and transparency throughout the entire process.

Every month that passed felt like another month wasted, but Cerberus was looking for a rockstar. They couldn’t afford to take the time to pay for a service that didn’t deliver exactly who they were looking for.

“40% of all executive searches fail to place a candidate in the needed position.” - Cowen Partners

Cerberus needed someone with a fantastic executive presence, a strong track record in delivering successful digital transformations, extensive M&A experience, and expertise in the emerging technology space. The role is multifaceted, calling for a unique blend of experience that is rare to find. Also, with technology at the forefront of a booming PE sector, the competition to hire in this field was fierce.

The Solution

Cerberus worked closely with Press & Associates to develop a tailored solution to address the challenges, reservations, and concerns associated with the search. P&A crafted the perfect strategy and message to take to the market, enduring they attract the right talent, keep prospects engaged throughout the interview process, and ultimately deliver the ideal candidate. All stakeholders were involved throughout this process to ensure effective communication and transparency

Week 1
Target List & Mapping
Week 2
Candidate Generation
Week 4
Longlisting & Shortlisting
Week 7
Week 9
Offer Management
Week 14
Search Completed
Week 15

The Result

With the hire of a top performer, Cerberus was not only well-equipped to achieve their objectives but had full confidence that the successful candidate would thrive within their organization.

“We are so pleased ... you did an amazing job!!” - CEO, Cerberus Technology Solutions

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